Community Blackjack

How Community Blackjack Works

Community BlackjackEditor's Note: One of the more compelling aspects of the card share gambling is how blackjack works in a community setting. with so may players and a single community card. How are hands decided, paid and played out? I got help from casino insider and friend of the game, Manny C. He was nice enough to draw up graphics for us to follow. If you have questions, leave them in the comments area below and I'll pass them on.

Each player places their ante (wager) along with a bonus wager.

The dealer deals out cards including the community card and the bonus bets are now paid off.

At this point each player decides to hit or stand. All players may choose to include the community card in teir total or use only the cards in their hand. All decisions are made, the dealer continues immediately to keep the game pace.

As each player totals their cards with or without the community card, players have multiple, unique ways to select a winning hand.





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